DALIAN FIRST ORGANIC CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Was rooted as Dalian First Organic Chemical Plant, which started its spccialty chemical producing in 1958 with over 30 years history.

Mr.FengWu Sun Chairman

  Over the years, PET/PTA catalyst products has been approved, recommended and appointed as the most qualified and reliable products to all polyester plants in China by the Chemical Ministry of China and SINOPEC Corporation. It is the NO.1 in term of producing capacity, product quality. Technology and market share in this industry in China. Entering into 1990`s, its PET/PTA catalyst products have been widely adopted by worldwide major polyester producers in America, Europe and Asia through OEMs and its own sales channels. It has become the NO.1OEM outsource contractor in the world. Its products are distinguished by its consistent reliable quality and compelling lower price.

  Besides manufacturing the above featured polyester condensation catalysts, it is also specialized in manufacturing other metal chemicals such and Specialty chemicals,such as Molybdenum,Cobalt,Nickel, Rare earth Rodenticide with its related intermediates,Metal Acetyl Acetonates and etc.,compounds. Now it has been emerging as one of the wordwide major specialty chemical producer and a global service provider.

  By entering into the new century, it was restructured being a management and whole employee owned company limited, which established the sustainable growth fundamental for the future. It now owns three manufacturing subsidiaries in China and one global marketing company in North America. Its quality control system has been accredited by ISO9001 since year 2001.

  Our Mission:

   Provide the best value-added products, service and solution for our customers to achieve global cost-advantage and efficiency.




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